Who is AdviceFromLouis? How I got started.

My name is Louis and I am the creator of AdviceFromLouis. What started as a fitness page to help people reach their goals turned into a comedy page over the course of 2020 when a video of mine went viral on Instagram. I was inspired by the genius of CalebCity and the talent of LongbeachGriffy when I decided to record my first ever comedy skit. I would come up with new skits everyday, I would go to sleep thinking of skit ideas and would rush to my phone to write down good ideas when a good one came to me. I'd film them everyday and upload them to the internet. Little did I know, my video "what outdoor cats think of indoor cats" would soon go viral on Instagram only two weeks into these videos, reaching over 500k views. I then realized that this could be big. When I would watch CalebCity videos, I would be impressed and the lengths he went to with his angles and editing. This then made me want to take my own work to the next level and I would spend 12+ hours editing each skit. I'd write my skits out usually at the gym (I still do) and edit them as the days went by until they are a finished product. The same impression I felt watching a CalebCity video was the impression I wanted to leave with my viewers. And the same pain I felt in my abs from laughing at LongBeachGriffy videos is the same (happy) pain I wanted my viewers to feel. When I looked around and saw there wasn't many other people doing this (WELL, doing this WELL), I thought, well that's unfortunate, I can do this. I then went incredibly viral on TikTok doing over 100m views in just one month and gaining 600,000 followers on that platform alone. My TikTok account was later taken down and I had to start all over, but I wasn't willing to give up yet. This is my story. There's more details that go into this small brand of mine, however I'll save that for a future interview. Thank you to my supporters and viewers. Every video I make I think of you and believe you deserve the best quality content. That's why I'm up until 4 am trying to edit my videos to the best of my ability. I keep your comments and recommendations in mind when making new skits. I think of what you all would want to watch next and do my best to deliver what you followed me for. Thank you for your support.

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Where I've worked

Albertsons - 32 months

Marine Corps - 24 months

Sales - 18 months

Comedy - This is where it begins.